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Plusnet Hub One won't store my plusnet password!

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Plusnet Hub One won't store my plusnet password!

My Plusnet Hub One router will store my custom admin password and my plusnet username, but it won't store my plusnet password!

This means every time my router requests a new IP (every day) it fails to reconnect until I...

web browse

log in as admin,

select settings,

select enter your broadband username and password.

re-enter my password

and click connect.

... It's soooo annoying that the internet is down for everyone in my house until I do this! Crazy

P.S. My password is 14 characters long and contains no special characters or spaces.

P.P.S. I had problems on the initial setup with the Plusnet login server not responding and timing out.

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Re: Plusnet Hub One won't store my plusnet password!

I thought that the "your" hub one was registered to your account and would connect automatically (the network recognises the account that hub one should use).


Have you tried a complete reset then applying whatever settings changes you want but letting the account log in sort itself out ?


This won't work if you didn't get the Hub One directly from Plusnet for this account.



I am the satisfied customer....