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Plusnet Hub One network monitoring

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Plusnet Hub One network monitoring



Does Hub One give any usage stats so I can see major users on network?

Is it possible to configure port mirroring so I can monitor all network traffic to aid in diagnosing issues?


Cannot even find any status showing any info for network usage other than a network map a a vague sent/received counter for the gateway broadband connection.


Or is only way to do such monitoring to replace hub one with something else?




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Re: Plusnet Hub One network monitoring

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Re: Plusnet Hub One network monitoring


Depending on how confident (and wealthy!!) you are on networking, the following spring to mind

Easy, but a bit limited

Get a router-modem than enables you to monitor usage. Billion, Draytek. Avoid ASUS, as they are not patch-able any more with decent third party firmware such as Advanced Tomato.

Not so easy, open software but need another computer, but is integrated and supported.

Look at opnsense, and especially the sensi plugin,  based on freebsd. You will need a computer with two NICS, preferably intel models. Lots of other options within opnsense, read the blurb.

Bit difficult, needs lots of bits to integrate, support, well that's you Smiley

Get a managed switch and tee the traffic into a computer of your choice, running linux, and use netflow/sflow etc to grab the data, and RRD or some other graph software to display usage.


There are map type graph software available, known as NMS's but again, need a bit of work to produce network graphs if that is what you need as opposed to pie/bar chars etc.

As you cannot AFAIK turn the Hub1 into a modem only setup, double NAT may be an issue.