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Plusnet Hub One keeps scrambling admin password

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Plusnet Hub One keeps scrambling admin password

I've spent an hour doing this, and I've had to factory reset the damn thing 3 times so far.

I put in the new admin password, together with a password hint.  I have "show characters" enabled so I can see I'm typing in the correct word. But when I restart the router it won't take the admin password.  The hint I put in is there, but it just stares at me when I click OK.  The previous default password doesn't work either. 

If I try to create a new password I put in the new wireless key (which again I put in with "show characters" so I know I've spelt it correct) and the router serial number (which I've copied from the bottom of the router), but it tells me I've got one of them wrong.  So the only option is to factory reset and start again.

Has anyone else had this problem?

EDIT:  Huh.  Scrub that.  Damn lubuntu laptop. Must be the version of java on it.  Tried it with a Win7 laptop and everything works.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Hub One keeps scrambling admin password


No worries and thanks for updating your post.


I'm guessing that's a feature in Ububtu that was trying to be "too clever" Smiley

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