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Plusnet Hub One and firmware updates

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Plusnet Hub One and firmware updates

Our Plusnet router has not had a firmware update in months - this concerns me because of the recent KRACK vulnerability.


Our firmware reads: Plusnet Hub One | Software version | Last updated 04/08/17


I've tried resetting the router via the pin hole on the back and waiting overnight as others have suggested but nothing changes - could anyone offer some advice here?

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Re: Plusnet Hub One and firmware updates

The latest OS updates have pretty much nullified KRACK.
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Re: Plusnet Hub One and firmware updates

I believe you have the latest firmware version. My understanding is KRACK would only affect the Hub One if it was acting in client mode to another wireless router. So if you aren't using two wireless routers in your setup, I think you don't need to worry about firmware fixes.

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Re: Plusnet Hub One and firmware updates

I spoke to tech support about this today. This past week has seen Hashcat produce a new tool to allow easier cracking of WPA2 passwords on unpatched routers as detailed in this ZDnet article - according the the article, the attack is "clientless."
An eavesdropper eg outside your house in a car can capture a single EAPOL frame after requesting it from the access point. They run it through Hashcat, which can crack it in hours or days on the default wireless key used by most routers. A long complex password appears to be the best defence on unpatched routers. This is, in practice, beyond the capability of many home users. Therefore, PlusNet should be working on on providing a firmware update.

Thank you for your time on the phone.

As per our conversation, regarding the Krack Attacks WPA2, I have spoken to a member of our faults team who has advised that to ensure further safety with this issue, to change the Wireless Password for your router. 

Your Hubone has the latest firmware downloaded, though as you have raised, this was before the Krack came onto the scene.