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Plusnet Hub One (Noise) (Buzz)

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Registered: ‎12-04-2017

Plusnet Hub One (Noise) (Buzz)

Hi All,

I've been having a few problems with my Hub One - it makes an intermittent buzzing/chirping sound when streaming Netflix. It also seems like I'm not getting the speeds I should be - is this related?

I've seen other people with the same problem and I think they had the routers replaced - does anyone know if this worked?

Thanks in advance
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Hub One (Noise) (Buzz)

If you have any devices connected over the 5ghz network then the router will make that sound when it's transferring data. As far as I'm aware there's no way it can be fixed.

With regards to your speeds I've tested your line and it isn't showing any issues. What speeds are you currently getting?

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team