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Plusnet Hub One Gateway Address

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Plusnet Hub One Gateway Address

After having connectivity issues Plusnet have replaced my old router with a Plusnet Hub One.

The old router used IP addresses of the form 192.168.178.x and so I have set the PHO to use - (with the router at as I have quite a few devices on the network with fixed IP addresses.

I am a little puzzled as the gateway address has been automatically set as rather than the that I had expected. Is this correct and, if it's not, how can I change it? I have searched for an option...!

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Re: Plusnet Hub One Gateway Address

Hi @digitl 

Where are you seeing the default gateway set to that address of  are you are looking at Advanced Settings > Broadband >Internet on the Hub One? If so this is the default gateway for the WAN (Broadband) connection, mine is

Are you still using DHCP and if so what IP address and default gateway are being issued?

What connection issues are you having, wired, wifi or both?


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Re: Plusnet Hub One Gateway Address

Don't forget that if you have fixed IPs on devices then you need to make sure the Hub One doesn't give out those addresses over DHCP as it won't know they are in use already.