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Plusnet Hub One - Firmware Update Request

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Plusnet Hub One - Firmware Update Request

Hi There!


I upgraded from Plusnet Unlimited Fibre, to Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra about a year ago, and until recently, didn't notice (as I simply hadn't run a speed test), that my speeds are still those of the Unlimited Fibre package, and are, on average, around half those which they should be (see image 1 attached)!

 I read on one forum post regarding fibre unlimited/unlimited extra upgrades, that such speed issues are usually due to the router firmware version requiring updating.

On checking my Hub One admin pages, I have discovered that my hub's current software version is: , which is older than the version I see other users talking about in the forums regarding this router.

Can you please arrange for a firmware update to be pushed to my router. My router is on the TR069 system, but the serial number etc is attached (see image 2) anyway, just in case its needed.


Many thanks,


Captain Stuart.

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Captain Stuart Konrad Anthony
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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Firmware Update Request

I doubt that this is a router firmware problem. Put your phone number in here and confirm what you should be getting.

How are you testing your speed, using an Ethernet cable or wireless? If the latter you need to do a wired test to eliminate wireless issues.

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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Firmware Update Request

Also what is the max attainable speeds which you can find on the Help Desk page of the router?

Does this change if you plug the router into the hidden test socket in your master socket?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Firmware Update Request

Hi @CaptainStuart, testing the connection is show the sync speeds are lower than we'd expect, so I don't imagine a firmware update will resolve this.


If you haven't already, please could you run through our troubleshooting guides Here.

If you continue to experience the same speed issues after this, please could you report the issue over at

If you could let us know once you've done this, we'll be able to get the ticket picked up and progressed with our suppliers for you.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Firmware Update Request

@CaptainStuart, I've pushed the latest firmware update to your device, but as @HarryB says, it's unlikely to help with your speed observations.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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