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Plusnet Hub One - Advanced Configuration Questions

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Plusnet Hub One - Advanced Configuration Questions



I'm thinking about moving from TalkTalk to Plusnet and have a few questions regarding the router, as I've quite a complicated set-up that I don't want to have to mess around with too much-

  • Am I right in believing the new router has 4 x 1Gb Ethernet ports?
  • Can you configure reserved fixed IP addresses on the local/home network (e.g. so the DHCP server gives out known/fixed local IP addresses to known MACs and random ones from a block for unknown MACs)?
  • Is there a limit on the number of reserved IP addresses you can have?
  • I gather there's a USB socket on the back for, e.g. a hard drive?
  • Can this be used for Windows File Sharing (aka Samba/SMB)?
  • Can this be DNLA/uPNP-style media sharing?
  • How reliable is the Media Sharing, does it have any daft limitations (like 100 files maximum limit, or doesn't recognise common file types, or doesn't talk with common equipment.)
  • I assume it has port forwarding, DMZ and all the usual stuff?
  • How reliable is the Wi-Fi for e.g. game streaming?  (TalkTalk's HG635 suffers common noise burst problems which can really mess up Steam streaming over Wi-Fi.)
  • Anything else unusual about the router I should know?


Finally, a non-router question.  I'm old Demon Internet stock, so like having online forums where I can talk geek with online customer service representatives when there are problems.  What is online support like in that respect?  How empowered to fix problems are the online reps?  Smiley  


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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Advanced Configuration Questions

The router is basically a BT Home Hub 5 Type A (without FON) so any internet information for the BT HH5 is applicable.


I don't have one so cannot comment on how it works in real life.

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