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Plusnet Hub - DNS / DCHP Issue - Help!

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Plusnet Hub - DNS / DCHP Issue - Help!


Hub used for three years now, no issues.

Been away two weeks.

Come back home, Mac has no internet. Neither the wife or laptop Mac. iPhone does have wifi and internet. 


Firstly, the router is not being used for wifi access, both channels disabled. I use Deco M5 for wifi, via main Deco plugged into router. 


When I try to connect to wifi, I get the wifi logo, but an '!' exclamation mark, stating wifi, but no internet. 

When look into network settings, Get the '169.x.x.x' address etc, self assigned.


Change it to manual, give it an address, 192.168.1.x and the sub 255 etc, gateway as the router address, fine, Get internet immediately. 

However in the next morning, I have non again. Possibly because the IP I gave it may be used already overnight by another device. So I change back to Automatic configuration, and whey hey it works.

All good for the day. 

This morning, no internet, exclamation mark, self assigned ip. [-Censored-].


Also, my iPhone, iPad and all other mobiles are in the same state.

Done all necessary reboots, restarts, on off, etc etc


Is it the router at fault or ...? All items CAT5 to the router are fine. It seems like there is no DNS gateway issued, or the lease is dropping, or something (lease set as default 1 day)  then when issued again it cocks it up. 


Dont want to ring Plusnet as haven't go the time (takes 1-2 hours to get through) so thought id start here. 


Appreciate any help




Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet Hub - DNS / DCHP Issue - Help!

Hi @Matt360,


As you have mentioned, it looks like the router might be assigning duplicate IPs on your devices. It's not clear from what you wrote whether you've done a factory reset as this is the first thing we would need to try. This can be done by pressing a pin, cocktail stick etc.. into the "reset hole on the back of the router for 5-15 seconds. You should see the router reboot and then within a few minutes hopefully this may have resolved the issue you're seeing. Please let us know how it goes.

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