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Persistent (intermittent) drop out

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Persistent (intermittent) drop out

Hello all - i hope you can help, because i've run out of ideas! 


We started having wireless connection drop outs in March. When the connection was up and stable, the connection was as fast as expected. Tech support could see no break in service so were reluctant to help, which was totally reasonable,  -  what with lock-down etc.  


We did all we could on our own. We paid for and replaced the wireless functionality with a standalone router, a TP-LINK Archer C1200.   We changed channels, split channels, still  the same issue came back.


We signed up to a new contract to get a new router – and still, the same issues.  We go for periods where it’s fine and then, the same issues arise.


The issue is present on all wireless connections but i  swapped out my wireless card in case it was my own biases. Still no dice. 

I don't have a machine with a wired connection - so i can't compare. Also - the faults occur in batches, sometimes days apart,  so it' hard to test and fault report. Does anyone have any clues?


Is there software available so i can record drop outs and faults?  


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Persistent (intermittent) drop out

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Re: Persistent (intermittent) drop out

If PN have checked the logs their side & can't see any line drops it would sound like a local wireless issue. WIFI Analyzer is a good free app you can use to check the least busiest channels at your location.
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Re: Persistent (intermittent) drop out

Hello Smiley If you haven't already done so, I would first advise having a run through our troubleshooting steps here: and getting your router connected into the test socket for the time being as shown here:


If the issues then persist, please log a fault here with us: and if you let us know once done, we can investigate further. If you want me to look into it once you've done the above, please Private Message me your account username Smiley

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