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Optimal settings for 3rd party router

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Registered: ‎16-09-2020

Optimal settings for 3rd party router

Please could someone advise on the optimal settings for the 2 attached images:

WAN settings.PNGDSL settings.PNG

Our (FTTC) connection is up and working but we can see that it seems we have quite a noisy line, we're happy to reduce overall bandwidth to achive a reduced latency and more stable connection.

The router is an Asus AC68U and we see that some people don't think very highly of it but it seems to have done well for us so far, certainly compared to the Plusnet supplied router our internet connection is more stable, WiFi range is much improved, we no longer have DNS problems (as if you can't set DNS manually on the Plusnet router!), we no longer have regular 5GHz WifI dropouts and it doesn't buzz like a nest of angry wasps every time we use the WiFi!

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