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Open VPN on DDWRT flashed router.

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Open VPN on DDWRT flashed router.

Just wondered if somebody in the know could help me with this one. I have a TP Link Archer C9 flashed with DDWRT. I have it bridged to an open reach modem. I have been trying to connect to an open VPN client to no avail. I've reflashed with several versions of ddwrt and changed my VPN provider, but still nothing. It just will not connect to the vpn servers, no text at all in the vpn logs. I've possibly narrowed it down to my internet being connected via PPPoE and I think it should be connected via DHCP. Whenever I change the connection type to DHCP I disconnect from internet. Any ideas? I'm fairly novice at this type of thing but I can just about find my way around if pointed in the right direction.
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Re: Open VPN on DDWRT flashed router.

PPPoE is required for your internet connection to Plusnet broadband services.

A quick google seems to suggest to install a router between the incoming broadband line and your DDWRT router if you wish to use the VPN client on DD-WRT router.

Have you tried asking the question on the DD-WRT forum?


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