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One Hub and Google WiFi (DSL-AC68U)

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One Hub and Google WiFi (DSL-AC68U)

Hi Everyone,

Just wondered if any one lese has had any luck with the One Hub and Google WiFi? I constently get disconects from WiFi devices, after speaking to Google WiFi care, they've advised I need to put my One Hub ito Bridge mode, whch I know the One Hub doesn't support Sad


My possible solution is I have an ASUS DSL-AC68U (, the problem I have here is everytime I connect it, my line speed drops over a number of days from 70-75Mbs to around 20Mbs (suspecting this is being called by DLM). only way to get this back up is by getting BT to reset DLM on the line.


Please can anyone from Plusnet save me from going insane and:


  • Provide the 'Offical' settings to use with an ASUS DSL-AC68U?


  • Provide a method to enable bridge mode on the One Hub?


  • Reccomend a 'supported' standalone modem that wont affect my line speed?


Thanks in advance!!!




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Re: One Hub and Google WiFi (DSL-AC68U)

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Re: One Hub and Google WiFi (DSL-AC68U)

Hey @DogusB 


Thanks for getting in touch with us here.

So our Hub one router doesn't haven't a bridge mode, and we're unable to support that here - some of community members might be able to address that further for you. It might be worth trying to do that through your 3rd party router.


To configure a third party router you will need to consult your manufacturer or your manual to gain access to your router and find the necessary pages.


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Re: One Hub and Google WiFi (DSL-AC68U)

@DogusB Welcome to the fotum.

If you look at the manual for your Google wifi you will probably find that it can be set up in Access Point (AP) mode. If so use these settings and connect it with an Ethernet cable plugged into one of the four yellow LAN sockets on the Hub One. The Hub One will require no changes though you may wish to log into it and switch off the wireless to avoid risking it interfering with your Google wifi.

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Re: One Hub and Google WiFi (DSL-AC68U)

As the AC68U reduces line speed and hub one cannot support bridge mode, a relatively cheap alternative would be to use an Openreach hg612 modem.

This would allow the Google WiFi to perform the routing function.