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Notification when offline

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Notification when offline


My router is on the same spur as my kitchen appliances and occasionally the dishwasher will trip the fuse on the fuse box. This also happens with the waste disposal (I realise the real solution to the issue is to get an electrician in).
When the fuse trips the fridge also loses power which could be an issue if away from the house. What I'd like to do is be notified when the router goes offline so I can send a family member round to flick the fuse back on if I'm away.
I looked into pinging the router at regular intervals and getting notified when no response but I don't believe you can ping the Plusnet router.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to receive notification when the router is disconnected, either via settings changes or a different approach to the above? I have a few devices such as raspberry pi or 2 WiFi extenders(BT homehub routers - same as Plusnet router) that are always connected if they could be utilised as part of the solution

Thanks, drew
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Re: Notification when offline

Possibly the easiest way would be to set up a monitor on Thinkbroadband 

It pings your router, or a device on your network, and can send you an email to let you know if you lose sync.

The standard PN router does not respond to pings, but you can put something in your DMZ, such a Blu Ray player, or in my case a Roku box.

You are then at least not reliant on any other device having power to warn you, it assumes you have mail on your phone!