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Non-delivery of a router and generally terrible support

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Non-delivery of a router and generally terrible support

About three weeks ago my girlfriend's internet stopped working after a thunderstorm. The router would not connect (flashing PN1 router light). She phoned support and they said they would send out an engineer. Three days passed then the engineer did not appear at the appointed date and time, having unilaterally cancelled the appointment without telling anyone.

Another phone call, another appointment, this time with a house visit and the engineer reported that the router was broken and expressing some surprise that the call centre did not just send one out.

Another phone call, this time with a promise of a new router. TWO WEEKS PASSES with my girlfriend waiting in for the postman each day because the delivery office now only opens for two hours per week for parcel collections. NO ROUTER DELIVERY.

Another phone call, with a surprised representative saying that he could see that one was requested but it was never sent out. Another one promised to be sent out, this time by 1st class post (Monday 6th July). It's now Friday 10th July and STILL NO ROUTER. 

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced, bar none. It's just abysmal. Needless to say that she will not be renewing her broadband with PN and neither will I, and I'll make damned sure everyone I know hears about this too.

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Re: Non-delivery of a router and generally terrible support

charge Plusnet the the time you have waisted, the small claims track of the county court allows you to charge upto £19 per hour, take a look at moneyclaimonline (uk government courts serviceh
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Re: Non-delivery of a router and generally terrible support

Hi there @dcldesign I am sorry to hear about the delays with getting your girlfriend online. If you'd like us to look into this when please, private message us her account username on the Forums or on a Social Media Platform (Twitter/Facebook) private messenger so we can pick it up. Smiley

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