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New router over heated

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New router over heated

Hello I'm looking for some advice please. Last week I renewed my Broadband deal and paid for another router to be sent out as my Hub One wasn't performing well even with an extender. The new router also a Hub One, stopped working on Friday- 7 days of use, The light went red and it was really hot. I let it cool down and then restarted it and now I can't connect anything on the 5GHz. PlusNet has suggested I could buy a third party router and they may offer some money towards this. Can anyone please offer me some advice as to what I am best to do? I have an autistic child who has their education delivered by the Medical Needs Team over Zoom so I need a reliable connection. I'm wondering if I'm better off cancelling the renewal contract and trying a different provider?

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Re: New router over heated

Are all your other electrical appliances working properly? It's very unlikely but just in case there may be overvoltages on your mains supply.

Many of us use the BT HH6 which can be picked up for £5-£25 on Gumtree or eBay. I find its wifi at least 20% better than the PN Hub One, it's simply a much better router. That kind soul Baldrick has posted an excellent guide to setting up the HH6 at