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New Plusnet Router

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New Plusnet Router

Hi, I've had the router I got when I first joined plusnet for nearly 5 years now and I'd like to take advantage of the new WIFI technologies my new devices have but my current router does not support them, how do I go about getting a new Plusnet router ?.  TIA

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Re: New Plusnet Router

Welcome to the forums @sm1thers

yes they will willing throw one your direction if

  1. You have re-contracted in the last 3 months for P&P of £6.99
  2. You re-contract for 18/24 months and pay P&P of £6.99
  3. Buy one from Plusnet at what ever they will charge you
  4. Buy your own device, a good list and discussion is available at,14436.0.html
  5. Or buy a BT Smart Hub (homehub6) for £30 at a well known auction site (many forum regulars use one)

Notes on the Plusnet Hub One:

  1. guarantee on device is 12 months.
  2. It is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5 Type A with its own firmware and issues.


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Re: New Plusnet Router

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Re: New Plusnet Router

You can also get a Plus Net Hub One from a well known auction site second hand for a few pounds or new for about £15.

When plus net send out a router they link it to the recipient's account. Therefore, before using a router you buy from a 3rd party, you should contact Plus Net to change it from being linked to the previous owner's account to your account. For details see my question