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New Hub One:Terrible Wireless Strength/Stability

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New Hub One:Terrible Wireless Strength/Stability

I have the Hub One for about 2 weeks and the wireless signal strength is so so bad. It also loses conection all the time.

I've tried everything to make it better, different channels having the 2.4 and 5.0 signals separate, moving the router around the house and still no better. I'm at a loss.

My old plusnet router had no issues at all. I could be 3 doors down my street and still get a signal. With this new one I can see my signal strength drop as I walk further than 10ft away! I can't even access it in the garden which is a deal breaker as my mobile network is pretty poor in my area.

My house is quite modern with flimsy studded walls and should cause no issues.

I can only think that the router is faulty or just not fit for purpose.

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Re: New Hub One:Terrible Wireless Strength/Stability


have you tried resetting the Hub using the pin hole at the back which is marked reset. 


If that doesn't solve anything I'd recommend contacting support over live chat or phone and they'll more or less likely to send out a new one along with a returns bag. 


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Re: New Hub One:Terrible Wireless Strength/Stability

Hi jamesy247,

The steps to perform a factory reset can be found in this link