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Netgear DM 200 Setup help

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Netgear DM 200 Setup help

I have got the DM 200 and I got it into modem only mode but I am struggling to get a connection, Does anyone have any help?  Maybe someone else has this modem working with there own router, mine is Linksys EA8300 Router, How did you do it?

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Re: Netgear DM 200 Setup help

It SHOULD just be a matter of configuring the WAN connection on the router for PPPoE with your PlusNet username and password.

edit: Assuming you've got the above correct,  having had a look round, it would seem that a possible problem is that the VLAN ID is not set correctly on the DM200. It seems that it has to be set ( to 101 ) with the DM200 in router mode and then switched to modem mode.

There's also a VLAN Passthrough setting , try changing that if the VLAN ID doesn't fix it.

Hope that helps

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