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Moved Router keeps reseting

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Moved Router keeps reseting

Had my master socket moved into the loft space of bungalow and moved my HUB1 to a shelf along side it. Since the move the router appears to reset occasionally, sometimes the flashing orange then blue, sometimes the green/flashing orange / blue sequence.  When it's up and running the speed is about the same as before, c 32MB so it doesn't seem to be a connection issue.

Since the move I've also  noticed that the wifi is much slower than when the router was downstairs, all the signal has to do is pass through plasterboard now, whereas before it had to pass through a couple of breezeblock walls, the signal is large, just the data speed is slow.. using a network sniffer (inSSIDer) my WIFI is typically 30db greater than the next strongest signal so it shouldn't be interferance

If I change the channel number on 2.4, then for the rest of that session the wifi speed is great, but the next time I switch on a laptop it's slow again, change the channel and it's fast again.  Seems totally illogical.

Is the signal directional?, as the router is at the highest point is much of the signal going up or sideways, not down into the bungalow?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Moved Router keeps reseting


The signal is sent through the top of the router, so adjusting the direction of the router could help. However, are there any electric cables or water pipes running under the floorboards between the floors? Both of these things can cause interference within the router.


You mention that the laptop has issues when you restart it, do you have this issue with any other devices or just the laptop?