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Missing devices?

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Missing devices?



I am by no means technically advanced so please bare with me.

I have been on Fibre via a hub one router for a few months but since then the network time some times falters on my TV causing it to lose internet (its connected by an Ethernet cable to the router and is a Sony Bravia android TV). Today I finally had time to investigate this further but I have no idea if what I have found is the cause of this fault or not so I am hoping someone can explain whats happening.

I managed to log in to my hub manager and noticed two devices are missing from the flow chart and 'my home network' list depicting my connected devices. Missing, are a Samsung S7 phone (wifi) and the above TV(LAN), both of which get the internet as they should.

Both, are however listed as available devices under access control and port forwarding?

I've taken screen shots and attached them to help.

I am really at the limits of my technical ability so hope I have told you what you need to know

Please explain this to me if you can, thank you.




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Re: Missing devices?

I have the same issue with missing devices from the UI. This issue has been known about for a while. I can't understand why Plusnet have not yet resolved this issue. I'm on version