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Login to Router (setup account issue?)

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Login to Router (setup account issue?)


New customer here. Monday we switched to plusnet. Was able to access the router (blue light), but no internet access. 

Issue appears to be that the account signed in to the router was the "setup@plusdsl" account, not my own.

Managed to fix it (sign in to my own) but this morning it is happening again (reverted back to "setup" account).

The same fix used yesterday isn't working, even after router resets etc. 


Any suggestions? Seems like the router won't accept my accounts login


Hope this all makes sense.

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Re: Login to Router (setup account issue?)

@annetteb  Welcome to the forum.

 Before entering your Plusnet credentials you must drop the DSL. The easiest way is to remove the plug that connects to the filter. Enter your details then plug it back in. Select connect if necessary.

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Re: Login to Router (setup account issue?)

Welcome to our community forums @annetteb 

From what I can see your account hadn't activated automatically so I've just done that for you now. 

Let us know if you have any further issues getting online.

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