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Issues with Wifi

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Issues with Wifi



I've been having issues with my wifi at home. It seems to keep dropping out with our laptop, mobile phones and especially with our Ipad which rarely connects at all. We have several devices directly connected to the router through a cable and these have no issues connecting and the internet never drops out for them. It seems to be resolved most times by simply resetting the router but not for our Ipad, which is basically unusable at the moment due to no internet connectivity. I believe the router is a Plusnet Hub One which we've had for a number of years with no issues until a few months ago. The issues are not limited to a certain part of the house, even if sat directly next to the router you can sometimes have no connection.

Does anyone have any suggestions, do we need a new router?

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Re: Issues with Wifi

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Issues with Wifi

Hi @tomgotts123 Thanks for contacting us about your Wi-Fi, check out the help and support page here

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