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Issues with WiFi

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Registered: ‎02-04-2021

Issues with WiFi

I'm having some issues with my router. Basically all connected devices will remain connected to the router. However if I turn something like my Xbox on then some devices will lose connection to the Internet for a while.

Has anyone experienced something similar before or know something I can try to stop this from happening?

I've tried splitting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

I have the Plusnet Hub One

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Re: Issues with WiFi

Many of us get great results from the BT Smart HH6 to replace the Hub One, I see plenty of them on Gumtree and eBay for around £15 each. Baldrick's excellent guide to setting it up can be found here as well as subsequent posts on the issue you mention.

Not to say it will solve your problem but it might be a good start -- my wifi is about 20% better, overall it seems a superior router.

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Re: Issues with WiFi

I don't use the supplied router, instead swapped to a NetGear Nighthawk option (better WiFi strength/coverage the main reason).

However, on the back of the PN router (or most broadband routers for that matter) you should still have a small number of Ethernet ports.  Connect your XBox by Ethernet cable to that instead of WiFi - you'll probably gain much better gaming response as well as curing your temporary device connection issues.

I always recommend wired over wifi for whenever possible/feasible.

Ethernet cables are fairly cheap and are available in pre-made lengths to suit most installs (1m upwards), e.g.

If your Xbox is already wired, then upgrading the router is probably your only option (I would suspect the router is remapping MAC addresses or whatever, and just posting the router's CPU at 100% for a while).