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Issue with iPlayer and Draytek 2762ac

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Issue with iPlayer and Draytek 2762ac

Hey all,

Apologies as I have googley'd and searched this forum but can't find anything specific to my issue.

So I have a Sony Android TV and a Draytek vigor 2762ac.

The TV is connected by ethernet to the draytek

I have a 4Mbps connection (yeah I know, long line and no FTTC here - just waiting for plusnet to launch their FTTP), however speed is not the issue here.

Whenever I try to use iPlayer on the TV with the draytek no programs will load and I just get the 02110 error - "SOmething went wrong". Ocassionally though the program will eventuall load but buffers every 5 seconds for ages, plays for 5 seconds, repeat..

Other streaming apps work OK such as ITV hub and All4 etc.

I have turned down the iplayer app settings to "standard definition"

The cable connection is good.


I then got the original supplied Plusnet/Sagecom 7704N and fire it up from factory reset configuration. Low and behold this router works perfectly with iplayer.

I then swap back to the draytek, and reset it to factory default, the issue returns!

Although iplayer on mobiles and on the laptop work fine, it's just when using it with the TV.


 So I think this is a problem with the draytek router or possibly the TV and not plusnet, BBC or the speed of my lowly 4Mbps ADSL. Has anyone had a similar issue with a Draytek or can suggest anything for me to try?


Thanks! Smiley


(BTW, does anyone have any idea when Plusnet will be launching their FTTP service? I read somewhere "sometime in summer" but just wondered if any dates had been floated around!?)

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Re: Issue with iPlayer and Draytek 2762ac


You could always turn you 2704n into an Access Point and put that between your Draytek and TV. Use two LAN connections on the 2704n to link this in. To make it into an AP see

You might want to switch off the Sagecom wireless if you don't want to use it.

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Re: Issue with iPlayer and Draytek 2762ac

I don't have evidence to support this conjecture but I wonder if iPlayer tries to send more data at the start up (or perhaps is less good at adapting to the connection capability) than other services.

If your TV can "screen mirror" and iPlayer on another device allows it I would first try iPlayer on a phone, tablet or similar and then "mirror" that stream to the TV.

As for why the Draytek doesn't work and the other router does I can't really explain that. 

I assume they both give similar speeds as reported by a speed tester.



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