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Issue with Router noisy and going orange

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Issue with Router noisy and going orange

Please could someone help. Our new fibre router, had since April has been a little temperamental but now keeps making an awful hissing noise as if it's an old modem connecting, it's all the time and unbearable. In the last couple of months it keeps dropping the line and turning orange.
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Re: Issue with Router noisy and going orange

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Re: Issue with Router noisy and going orange

Thanks for getting in touch @Snellz 

I'm sorry for the problems with your connection. I've tested your line today and the tests are showing a bridge tap which is generally caused by faulty internal wiring but it can also be caused by a line problem.

I'd recommend carrying out the troubleshooting steps explained Here to connect your router into what's known as the test socket found behind the faceplate of the master telephone socket. If you're still having issues I'd next advise reporting a fault to us at posting back after so we can arrange an engineer visit to investigate further.

With regards to your router making a noise I think this is just a red herring and not related to the connection issues. We're aware that the router can make a buzzing noise while the 5GHz wireless frequency is being used. We've raised this to our vendor in the past and we've been advised the noise is within acceptable tolerance and this doesn't affect the performance.

If the noise is distracting I'd advise de-syncing the two wireless frequencies as outlined Here and switching off the 5GHz.

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Re: Issue with Router noisy and going orange

If turning off the 5GHz doesnt work, you could also try turning off the 2.4Ghz as well, or get another router