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Is my router limited to 12 ? - Help

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Registered: ‎24-04-2020

Is my router limited to 12 ? - Help

New to Plusnet.  First of all, no problems with broadband speeds.

But....... with 6 in my house (on lockdown) after connecting a few devices we have problems using a computer, tablet, phone. Eventually, found by disconnecting the wifi on the active devices I am able to connect any device that originally would not connect.

So, it looks like i have about 12 devices capability ( Alexa google mini's /PC/tablet etc ) but if try to connect to wifi on another device it cannot, I must disconnect wifi on some other one and then will connect straight away.

Does Plusnet or the router have a restriction in place of 12 devices????

What can I do ? The days of one PC and maybe one mobile phone connected are well in the past.  I did not have this issue with my last service provider.

Can Plusnet help please ?