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Intermittent Drop of Internet Access Despite Connection

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Intermittent Drop of Internet Access Despite Connection

Dear all,


I'm experiencing this phenomenon daily:

While serving the the Internet, the connection goes, the loading bar no longer progresses. The Wifi indicator is still there, showing a strong connection. If I with off Wifi and switch it on again, the problem disappears.

This happens on a number of devices: iPhone XR, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro. 


I have separated the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies recently, but early impressions are that it doesn't make a difference, the dropout occurs on both frequencies. (As an aside, I found that I lost range on the 2.4GHz frequency when I separated the frequencies – is this normal? I thought the 2.4GHz frequency had superior range.)


We probably have about 10 devices on the network (including a TV and two Sonos speakers), but we don't use them all at the same time, and the dropouts don't seem to be connected to how heavily we use the Internet.


Is this a router issue that I can solve by swapping the router, or is there anything else I can/should try first? I have Fibre Broadband and the standard Hub One router.


Many thanks for any advice that you can give!





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Re: Intermittent Drop of Internet Access Despite Connection

Just have a look at other threads on this forum and it's increasingly looking like the problems with hub1 are bigger than original thought