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Incompatible modem

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Re: Incompatible modem

I can bring some closure to this if anyone was following. More line tests revealed some line faults and an openreach engineer fixed the issue in the cabinet yesterday.

Anyone need a new modem now I have a spare? 🙄
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Re: Incompatible modem

@Baldrick1 wrote:

How on earth do these agents think up all this sort of rubbish or is it on their crib sheets under 'if the customer is not using our hardware then blame that'.


Well if the Modem hasn't been submitted for and passed Openreach's Modem Conformance Testing and therefore on their list of approved devices, then technically it isn't compatible and CPs won't provide support.


When I switched to Vodafone and contacted support for my broadband username and password, the first question they asked is what h/w I was using. Apparently they wont even supply the details if the customers equipment isn't on the MCT list.

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Re: Incompatible modem

@Baldrick1 wrote:


You appear to want to keep your current router rather than get a combined modem/router.

Have you considered the zero cost option? If you switch off the Hub One wireless and convert your router into an Access Point you just connect one of the Hub One LAN outputs to your router and the job is done. If this interests you and you need help with the router configuration just tell us the make and model.

I'm now looking at the modem/mesh combo so if using the Hub One as a modem is more complex than setting 'Wireless network enable' to No, I'd be grateful for those instructions 😀

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Re: Incompatible modem


A word of advice, it's generally better to start your own topic as if you simply append to a problem that's been fixed then it can get overlooked.

In answer to your question no more changes need to be done to the hub apart from switching off the wireless. This isn't essential but avoids you having two wireless networks. 

However you need to set the mesh device up as an Access Point. This means that all the routing is still done by the hub and you can't use any additional features built into the mesh router section.

You would probably be better off buying a bridge modem and ditching the hub.