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If my Openreach modem were to malfunction...

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If my Openreach modem were to malfunction...

I've had Plusnet fibre for some time now (it'll be six years in August) and have a separate modem that was fitted by BT Openreach. (I also have a Plusnet-supplied Netgear WNR1000v3 N150 router, which works fine and which I still like). Given that Plusnet now provides the integrated Hub One modem/router, I wondered what would now happen if my Openreach modem were to go wrong.

Would Openreach replace it? Would Plusnet offer a Hub One? Or, given that I'm not currently in a contract, would I simply have to go and buy some new equipment? I know buying myself new equipment is probably my best option whatever's offered, but I just wondered what is the position on equipment replacement.

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Re: If my Openreach modem were to malfunction...

As part of the new policy, it has also been confirmed that from the end of March 2017, Openreach will not continue to support modems already supplied by them (i.e. by replacing faulty modems which are the cause of a fault).

So in theory, there might be a few more weeks during which Openreach would replace the modem, but in practice I thought Openreach exhausted their stocks of the modems long ago anyway.

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Re: If my Openreach modem were to malfunction...

Hi there

In this scenario, we won't be able to replace the Openreach Modem as it's something we don't stock anymore, and if we were to arrange an engineer to replace it then the appointment would ultimately become chargeable by our suppliers.

We could offer you a free (excl. p&p £6.99) Hub One as part of a new contract.

Or you could look into sourcing your own from a third party retailer.
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