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IP Address

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IP Address

My IP Address  on the Plusnet Hub Manager shows as


My public IP Address is - this is now showing as Belgium on some IP Locator websites (such as, and this is giving me a problem with the survey sites that I use.


This only started happening yesterday evening. Has Plusnet changed the public IP Addresses? Or what has happened?

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Re: IP Address


You will have a dynamic IP address unless you have paid £5 for a fixed one. If your line drops then when it reconnects there is a chance that it will change, although they are quite sticky these days. The problem is that there are many Geolocation databases around the globe and many are not up to date. Presumably the address that you are currently on has been transferred from Belgium at some time in the past and the site that you are trying to access is using an out of date database to check your location. If you try a different database you might get a different answer.

You could try switching your hub off for a few hours and see if it picks uo a different IP address when you reconnect or pay the one off £5 fee and get a fixed address.

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Re: IP Address

@rufusspeedy  just to confirm @Baldrick1 s comments and demonstrate how inaccurate geolocation databases can be, putting your IP into :- two sites correctly give UK ,  one gives the Netherlands and one gives Belgium

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