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HubOne will not allow access to Samsung’s servers.

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HubOne will not allow access to Samsung’s servers.

My Samsung TV is connected to the internet and it function okay except for one thing – it will not allow me to sign into my Samsung account, therefore I cannot  install apps.  BBC iPlayer, Internet browsing, YouTube etc. work fine.  This all started after I switched to Plusnet and installed the HubOne a few weeks ago.

 It gives up the error  ‘unable to connect to Samsung server please try later’ – but there is no later however many times you try, and it is apparently something due to the router assigning the DNS server as

What’s going on, and what’s Plusnet’s solution please?


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Re: HubOne will not allow access to Samsung’s servers.


As far as I’m aware your router isn’t assigning the DNS as as that’s the router. Your devices are contacting that address for the DNS and your router will be assigning Plusnet DNS automatically to your devices. 

Is there an option in your Samsung TV settings to change the DNS from the router to the Plusnet DNS directly from here alternatively and if there’s an option to change on your TV then try Google DNS at and

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Re: HubOne will not allow access to Samsung’s servers.

That solution works fine thanks for your help!

I changed the TV DNS setting to ‘Enter Manually’, entered Google’s (there is only one entry field in the TV) and things started working fine.

However, out of interest the logic doesn’t quite fit. 

The DNS setting on the TV was set to ‘Get Automatically’ and what it got every time I reconnected it was, which as you say is the routers own IP address.
Curiously, set like that (as noted in my original post) everything else worked fine, iPlayer and the other existing apps, browsing the internet etc.  – apart from signing into my Samsung account.

So, as you say, it must have been given access to a DNS server via the router address to have worked at all, and presumably one of Plusnet’s.  Which raises the question:

Why can’t it access the Samsung server where Google’s DNS servers can?

Unfortunately I can’t see what address the TV is actually searching for.

It might be interesting to give the TV one of the Plusnet DNS IP’s to see what happens, but to be honest now it’s working I’m loth to muck about with it!

Thanks again,


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Re: HubOne will not allow access to Samsung’s servers. is correct for the auto dns, you won't see the underlying PN DNS servers.

Without know the Samsung server name it's a bit difficult to investigate.

Do you have safeguard switched on?
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Re: HubOne will not allow access to Samsung’s servers.

        >>Do you have safeguard switched on? 

Safeguard has never been turned on from the word go.

There is no obviious way to see any info ref the server name.  If I get a moment I'll do a bit of researh and see if I can get into the TV beyond the user GUI and see if that reveals anything.   The model is UM40MU6400.

I had no trouble signing in and out of the account on the web using my laptop on the same network, which presumably would be usoig the same PN DNS servers.  But I imagine that would be using a different access point to Samsungs system.

Still least the workaround has solved the problem.