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HubOne reset query

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HubOne reset query



When you reset HOB ONE via paperclip et al, when it reboots, does it recall your user name /password & other settings, or do they all need inputting manually?Huh



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Re: HubOne reset query


Providing the router is linked to your account(generally is if it was sent to you rather than bought elsewhere), then when it powers up it will use TR-069 to check what account details it should have and pull these down.



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Re: HubOne reset query


If the connections been there before then yes when it factory resets it should be checking our side and pulling the details from there. There is a way in logging into the router and checking if they have updated and if not to pop them in manually.

1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)

2. Please type into the URL address bar or alternatively click <a href="">here</a>.

3. You should then see the Plusnet Hub One screen; Click 'Advanced Settings' the third option at the top.

4. Enter the Admin password located on the card on the back of your router or on the sticker on the bottom of the hub (this is case sensitive, so please type exactly as it appears).

5. Click 'Continue to Advanced Settings'

6. From the drop-down menu in the advanced settings please select 'Broadband'.

7. In the bottom right hand corner if the button says 'Connect' please do not click this and skip to option 8, if however it says 'Disconnect' then please click the button and wait 30 seconds for the next options to appear.

8. Under the 'Connection Information heading you'll see there is and option for 'Broadband username' and 'Password'; Please configure your router with the following and then click connect:

<b>Broadband username:</b>
<b>Password:</b> Your account password (Used to log into our member centre)

9. After a few minutes the strip light on the front of your hub should go Blue and you should be online.


If at the point of step 7 you cannot see a connect or disconnect option in the right hand corner then you need to temporarily disconnect the RJ11 cable (internet cable) from the Grey DSL port and after a few seconds the option should appear. carry on with the steps but before you click connect again re plug the cable back into the router.

This should tell us if we have the right details and if not we can put in the correct details.

Let me know how you get on.


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Re: HubOne reset query

Or, without having to give and follow the step by step (@Gel, as I believe you now know my quick method), click the default 192 IP range here or the 172 IP range here and as if by magic it takes you straight to the page Wink

I may have missed the boat, but you could have backed up the hub settings using (192) this or (172) this, saved the .conf file to your desktop, reset (or press and hold that button for around 20 secs for a full factory reset) and then after it connected to the internet (assuming you didn't disable TR-069 via My Portal, as if you do the hub sits in the default 'setup' BB username, but does allow connectivity at a seriously reduced speed) you then restore your user made changes via the same backup/restore page without getting finger ache, or more so an headache....

Might be worth thinking about this, should you need to do this again in the future