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HubOne SIP ALG Issue

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HubOne SIP ALG Issue

Morning ALL~

After some 15 months of WFH and battling with a VOIP system from Daisy - they use OfficeUC - I have real problems with incoming and outgoing calls using this router.

I'm connected to my office via the HubOne to a VPN which works fine other than the OfficeUC application which is sporadic in its function. I can try a dozen + times to call my own home number and others (obviously not engaged) with a resultant engaged or not available serrated tone.

Research tells me that I should be disabling the SIP ALG but Plusnet confirm this can't be done on the HubOne and don't have an alternative nor can they recommend one (in case it doesn't work).

Anyone?........I need a Router that works well with Fibre - has a few ports - and can accommodate the SIP ALG disabling?




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Re: HubOne SIP ALG Issue

I'm connected to my office via the HubOne to a VPN

@SRich if your OfficeUC connection is via the VPN then any SIP ALG will be irrelevent. The ALG wont see any SIP traffic since it will be tunneled down the VPN

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Re: HubOne SIP ALG Issue

@SRich  Welcome to the forum.

Just in case you want to try having the option:

Get a Business version of a BT Smarthub 6. These are quite cheap from auction sites. Follow links from here for settings




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