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Hub2 Power adapters

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Hub2 Power adapters

Hi there,

Got  a frantic call from kids returning from school yesterday ....

"Dad! Dad! The wifi's not working..." lights? 


Ok, is it plugged in? 

"What do you mean...?"

<heavy sigh...> 

Eventually, very eventually, established everything connected, although our "friendly" pair of rabbits had chewed through the power cable. 

Aside from the tasty pie option, quickly established a new adapter was required - following enthusiastic rummaging thru various versions of "the box"...established none fitted. 


Here goes google search then...nothing...even the multi-point adapters available do not seem to have the correct connection.

Ultimately, called plusnet looking for help, and it turns out we're getting a whole new router set, which although nice, does seem a bit of a waste...

Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable power adapter...? I'd like to have a spare just in case the furry pies-in-the-making get carried away again..? 


Cheers Smiley 



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Re: Hub2 Power adapters

@wishy71  Welcome to the Community forum.

If you have pets eating electrical cables then be very careful. Should it be a trailing mains cable next time there is a risk of causing a fire or leaving bare cores exposed, with a risk of electric shock should you or your children touch the damaged area.

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Re: Hub2 Power adapters

Also, not good for the rabbits either 🙁


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Re: Hub2 Power adapters


If you're good with a soldering iron , and the chewing is not too close to either end then you ought to be able to splice the cable back together. The cable is twin figure 8 cable so easy to separate the cores and there's a white line on one core so easy to get the cores connected correctly. You just need some shrink sleeve to insulate the joint.

As an aside , the power supply and connector are the same as the Hub 1 and (presumably) the BT Home Hub 5 & Smart Hub 2 since they are effectively the same corresponding hardware to the PlusNet Hubs.

For info , the connector is an odd size its 5.5mm OD but 3.1mm ID which is unusual, the norms tend to be 2.1 or 2.5 ID.


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Re: Hub2 Power adapters

yeah...first port of call was the "old tech stuff" box...which appears to have "vanished" amidst doing up the house lately unfortunately...would've had any number of hub1s and associated cabling kicking about....

didn't realise it was same as hub1 adapter....i feel an ebay scour coming along. 

cheers for your help!