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Hub one resetting everyday to setup at plusnet

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Registered: ‎08-08-2020

Hub one resetting everyday to setup at plusnet


We went live last week and I am utterly disheartened.

We have had seamless fibre broadband for three years with Talktalk.

Every day at the same time the hub one goes orange and we are sent to the router configuration page with it defaulted as setup@plusnet etc. I then have to enter the admin password, router password and my plusnet username and account password for another 24 hours access. This is ridiculous.

I have security cameras on the network so when away they will go offline.

Never had this before.

Tech support via phone suggest a line issue and open reach are booked but there has not been a line issue for years and why would it appear on a go live date!!?

The router was sent out weeks before the go live and I suspect it is not linked to the account though I am told it is. Reason for this belief is that if I turn it on and off (not a factory reset) then I am taken to the setup router screens again.

This is pretty infuriating.

Any advice?