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Hub one and it’s uses.

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Hub one and it’s uses.

Hi All


Has you might have seen from the forums Iv been using a DSL-N55U alongside of a BT modem. And it had worked great for many years and now after a few days it's back to working again. But whilst it was down I ordered a Hub One in case I could not get mine working again.


So here is a few questions about the a Hub One please?.o

1/. Is it meant to replace both the router and modem?
2/. The WAN port on the Hub One. Could I plug my DSL-N55U into that port so It could be used like a repeater? 
      ( I ask this because my router is upstairs and around 4-5meters away from my modem at the moment and I'd                 .       need a gigabit switch if not as I'm using all the lan ports on the router now)

3/ How good is it with regards of download speed, drop outs and general operation please? 
4/ Has anyone got any tips or tricks good or bad for the unit ?.

If I think of anything else I will get back to you


Many thanks Osh


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Re: Hub one and it’s uses.

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Re: Hub one and it’s uses.


The Hub One replaces both the modem and N55U. The N55U has more setting options than the Hub One and the firmware is much more stable.  My advice is to try both and use the best for you.

You can set the N55U up as a Wireless Access Point [-Censored-] Ethernet switch by adjusting the settings. As you are currently using it with a separate modem it's probably best if you start with a factory reset. You then need to log into the settings ans switch off DCHP. If you would like a screen shot let me know and I will post one tomorrow. 

To connect it to the router you connect an Ethernet cable between any of the LAN sockets at both devices, not the Hub WAN socket.