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Hub logs out every night?

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Hub logs out every night?

Hi there,


I've had my broadband with Plusnet for the last couple of weeks now and although the connection has been strong for some reason every morning when I get up the hub has logged out (i.e. the light is orange and the broadband light is a red b) and needs me to go through the process of logging into hub manager online through my laptop to get the broadband to turn on again- like I did the first day it was set up?

Normally I go to bed after midnight and get up around 7am so it must be happening at some point during that time. Never any real problems logging on in the morning but it's annoying to have to do this everyday. I don't think it can be timing out from lack of use as when I log on in the morning, the light turns blue, and it works all day and is still on when I return from work 10 hours later when no one has been in to use it during that time?

I feel sure it's just some settings issue on the router or my online hub manager, but I've looked on the account and can't find anything that would explain it. It's a hub one router and standard broadband (though we just upgraded to fibre today so I don't know if that will effect anything?)

Anyone else had this problem? Any ideas/tips on how to fix it?




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Re: Hub logs out every night?

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Re: Hub logs out every night?

Hi there.

Sorry to hear you're having connection problems.

Our tests are finding a potential line fault which is likely the cause. I've raised that with Openreach now.

Having looked through your account I can also see your router is trying to connect using the wrong password. Can you factory reset the router by pushing a paperclip into the reset hole at the back for 20 seconds?

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