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Hub lights

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Hub lights

Hello folks

Just switched from BT to PlusNet and so far - cross fingers - everything has been remarkably smooth. A world away from when I switched to BT a few years ago and was without internet for 2 weeks!

The only thing I have to be critical about is the hub light. As others have noted, it's very bright!

My hub is in my bedroom directly connected to my desktop - and at night the light will be sufficient to unpleasantly illuminate the entire room - and prevent sleep! (Unless I use 'Blutack Occlusion' technology!)

I have read that there is a 'Dim' option in the Hub Manager which I will have a tinker with, but I've heard it's not particularly effective.

This is one area where my old BT hub was superior. In the BT Hub Manager it was possible to set a schedule for the lights. So you could have them automatically turn off at, say, 11.30pm. This was very handy.

I'm just wondering/suggesting if it might be possible to add this functionality in a future firmware update?

Until then, Blutack it is.

But, again, if this is the only thing I have to complain about so far then I take it as a good sign!




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Re: Hub lights

Welcome to the forum.

If you still have your BT hub then use that  see or

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Re: Hub lights

Hi @thurrafork, I'm glad to hear your start of the service with ourselves as all gone smoothly. I can confirm ( I also having the router in the bedroom) there aren't any ways to disable the light completely bar from the use of a cover up technology as you currently have. There aren't any current plans in the works to have a light schedule feature within the router I'm afraid and by all means as @Baldrick1 has pointed out you could always use your previous router if there were no problems with the set-up and the guides above should help you set up the router to work with our connection.
If there's anything we can help you with moving forwards please don't hesitate to get back in touch.

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Re: Hub lights


Have a look on Amazon for LightDims (one word).


I believe a patch can be cut to fit (my neighbour has never complained about the patch I gave her!!!).



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Re: Hub lights

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