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Hub blue light far too bright...

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Hub blue light far too bright...

Would be nice in the future to see if they could turn hub blue light lower down as I've changed from bright high to low but sill too bright to cross the room. I had to cover up the bright dimmer. I hope you stored this setting better condition in the future... Thanks A.  

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Re: Hub blue light far too bright...

Couple of suggestions here.

I must have been really bad in a previous life as this was my 3rd ISP in a row that used lithium.
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Re: Hub blue light far too bright...

Paint said lights with your red nail varnish. Cheesy

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Re: Hub blue light far too bright...

I use Blutack.

A small blob, just enough to cover the LED, and cupped so that it has a small opening at the top, so LED cannot be seen from the front, but can be seen from above.


A bit like this...



I do this with all my Electronics, especially PVR's in the Living Room & Bedrooms...

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Re: Hub blue light far too bright...

This is what I do as well @Infinity. Blutak is wonderful stuff. The blinking blue light on the front of my PC case was quite distracting when we had the base unit in the lounge to use for watching films and TV so a blob of blutak sorted it out as the light couldn't get through it.

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Re: Hub blue light far too bright...

I save the Intel Inside stickers from the processors I’ve bought and use these as they are thin enough to diffuse the light but you still know when its on, and people think your gadget runs on an i7. Cheesy