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Hub Two - Simply won't Connect

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Hub Two - Simply won't Connect

So, I recently renewed my Broadband account, and by doing so, I decided to get the new Hub Two router.

Now, everything's set up correctly & moved slightly away from my PC & each time I turn it on, the router can't seem to connect to the internet (it just flashes orange) which is weird, because my old router was working fine before I turned it all off to set up the new one.

I did manage to chat with someone on twitter (through my phone) who tried to help but it didn't seem to really get anywhere (sent them photos, etc)
But alas, I'm still having issues with my hub two not connecting (at one point, the person told me that they couldn't tell it was plugged in, despite having photos clearly showing it was...)

Anyway, I'm running low on ideas, despite this slight nagging feeling that I'm missing something (what, I'm not sure of exactly) so I'm looking for help online before I have to use my last resort option & phone plusnet.

Lastly, I still have the pics if they're needed
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Re: Hub Two - Simply won't Connect

You don't have anything plugged into the fourth LAN port do you? (labelled 'WAN')

Bob Pullen
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