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Hub Two - Power Supply Failure

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Hub Two - Power Supply Failure

Hub Two received in April but only connected today, no problem.  I ran a speed test only to find no improvement in speeds but that is not a problem.  About an hour later I found no light coming from Hub.  I put the power supply in a working socket outlet and used my digital multimeter on the 20 volt DC range to find 0 volts out!  As power supply from Hub One (2019 vintage) has the same specification as the Hub Two, 12V 1500mA, I used this and Hub Two is up and running again, but for how long?

That is a rhetorical question.  This is my first post, I did search this topic before posting, so please let me know if I have erred.

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Re: Hub Two - Power Supply Failure

My Hob One power supply is plated with the same data as my H2 so I don't think you will have a problem. In fact being a terrible hoarder I have kept the One p/s in my spares box just in case, in the knowledge that if I throw something out this week its replacement will probably fail next month, whereas if I keep it I shan't need it again.