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Hub One

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Hub One

I have to say that I think this is the WORST router I have ever, ever, ever owned and was a plunet user years ago when they used dlink routers and it was fine, but now they have a supposedly fancy router that has duel bands which if you leave to its own devices and need a constant connection on a mobile device and walk from room to room will always lose connection and need to connect to a single band anyway.


Then you need to put up with the router constantly losing connection and/or restarting for absolutely no reason I can work out and it certainly never happened with all my previous routers. It will drive you crazy. Along with the amount of time it takes to get your connection back. PAINFUL 


So I can say without a doubt that once this contract is up, I will never again be a plusnet customer. So if you're thinking of becoming a plusnet customer, I would think long and hard....

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Re: Hub One

Sorry to hear your experience. Did you raise it with Support? Might be a connection issue or faulty router.

In contrast I generally get a solid DSL connection & LAN & 2&5G wireless experience from the device in my environment. Definitely better than my previous OR modem & Technicolor router combo.



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Re: Hub One

I agree, it is useless wirelessly. I eventually bought my own router after suffering constant disconnections. I went through all the usual processes, changing channels, changing connection frequency etc. to no avail.

The replacement has worked flawlessly, has a much stronger wireless signal throughout the house and has never disconnected. Oh, it's faster too.


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Re: Hub One

I have been having the same issues as newagetraveller. I have returned one Hub 1 and have the same problems of very low speeds with the second. The technicolor router which they replaced is consistently over 20mps on Wi-Fi and over 35 on cable. The hub 1 struggles to reach 12mps but all PlusNet can say is that they are "raising a question" but cannot explain why the difference in the two routers. I find it simpler to stick to the technicolor and return the hub 1. I thought mine was an isolated problem and I'm glad in a way that it's not just me.

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Re: Hub One

Seems pretty consistent to me...


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Re: Hub One

I consistently get 70-75 wired and and 40-50 wifi, no complaints at all