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Hub One vs Archer V900

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Hub One vs Archer V900

Just curious as to whether anyone has switched to the Archer V900 and whether they found there to be any benefit in terms of wireless signal or functionality?

I was considering the V900 but Plusnet offered me the Hub One so logically, I went with the cheaper (free) option, but I have noticed that it seems to drop the wireless on some devices after a period of inactivity, presumably this is in an effort to conserve power?
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Re: Hub One vs Archer V900


Not sure if you sorted this at all, but couple of things to try,.

1. I thought there was a power saving setting somewhere in the hub, may be dreaming it but worth checking to see if that exists still.

2. Increase the DHCP lease time to a week from I think the default 1 day, may be the lease expires and not renewing correctly

3. If a apple device falling off the network split the wireless into 2.4 and 5ghz networks, ( You need to untick the WiFi setting for "Sync with 2.4Ghz (5Ghz band only)" and then change the SSID name for the 5Ghz band.


That might fix the problem as I cant help with the V900 query 🙂

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Re: Hub One vs Archer V900

I'm currently using a V900. No complaints and I prefer it to the Hub, mainly due to the increased functionality.

Wi-fi coverage is a tad better but then either device works satisfactorily in that respect for me anyway.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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Re: Hub One vs Archer V900

Hi Bob,


Is it the VR900 v1 that you have i.e. the white upright model with built in modem?

I'm looking for an alternative router and thinking about one of the Archers.