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Hub One upgrade with Edgerouter X

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Registered: ‎17-02-2018

Hub One upgrade with Edgerouter X

Hi all,


I'm a keen gamer and I'd like to improve my homes router/modem setup with an Edgerouter X and Unifi Access Point Lite.

I watched this video and I'd like to replicate this arrangement so I can priortise my gaming over the the streaming/fb/etc usage by my family so I can prevent ping spikes and packet loss.

I have a fiber connection (upto 38mbps but I get about 22 up and 5 down) using the hub one. Although I've some experience with building my own pc's and so on I have zero experience with routers. I've always relied on the isp giving me a plug and play setup so I'll need some support with getting this working if it can at all.


So, will the ER-x work with the hub one and my isp/fibre connection?