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Hub One - slow wifi (LAN/ethernet fast) and inconsistent speed

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Hub One - slow wifi (LAN/ethernet fast) and inconsistent speed

I'm having issues with the wifi on my Hub One.


Over Wifi, speeds are slow and change from minute to minute. Laptop varies from 8-15mbps, iPhone and iPad vary from 1-8mbps - even when a few feet from the router with no obstructions.

Over ethernet LAN, laptop gets around 35mbps which is what my line speed should be - so it would suggest the issue is with the wifi rather than the connection itself.


Here's what I've tried so far:


  • Move router location
  • Reset router to factory settings (numerous times)
  • Changed wifi channel
  • Split 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies
  • Reset wifi settings on all devices


I'm starting to think there's something wrong with my Hub One. I used the 582n with the BT Openreach router for years without issues but switched to the Hub One mid last year and it's nowhere near as reliable.


Any ideas on how to rectify?

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Re: Hub One - slow wifi (LAN/ethernet fast) and inconsistent speed

If Ethernet speed is OK then it's got to be a wireless problem. If you've got a device that supports a WiFi 'sniffer' app, such as WiFi Analyser (Android devices do but I've a feeling that Apple won't allow it) then it might be worth having a look to see if your WiFi signal is being swamped by neighbours. Failing that, see if you can get a replacement Hub One out of Plusnet for free or for much better WiFi performance get a BT Smarthub 6 off Ebay for not much money. They are very easy to set up on Plusnet.

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Re: Hub One - slow wifi (LAN/ethernet fast) and inconsistent speed


Your comment about Wifi signal being 'swamped' got me thinking and I think I've now found the monitor.


It never occurred to me it could be interfering to such a significant extent, but it turns out our baby monitor operates on 2.4ghz (some operate on 900mhz, but it looks as though an increasing number now use 2.4ghz).

Ours is normally on an 'eco mode' where the monitor's screen is only activated when movement is detected by the camera, but regardless of this it appears the frequency is used constantly by the monitor, thus interfering with the wifi signal at all times.

Fix has been to switch off baby monitor when not in use!

I've also:

  • Connected devices to 5ghz network when within range
  • When 5ghz is out of range (i.e. upstairs), devices will autoconnect to 2.4ghz network. Provided the monitor is not on, the 2.4ghz network is fine for general use

When monitor is on and devices are connected to 5ghz, I still get interference but the speeds are much more tolerable (25mbps+). Fingers crossed it stays this fast.

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Re: Hub One - slow wifi (LAN/ethernet fast) and inconsistent speed

Yes, there's a lot of things that use the "free to use" 2.4 gig band other than routers. Many modern "wireless" heating controllers (think "Hive") use that band to talk between the wall display, and the actual controller, so the problem will only get worse. 


And those WiFi sniffer programs will never report those sort of things (as they are NOT wifi!)