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Hub One replacement options?

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Hub One replacement options?

Afternoon all,


Not sure if this is the right place but hoping you can help. I currently have the hub one. I have noticed after trying a few wifi analyzers that certain areas of my home are only just covered by my router. This leads to firesticks playing sub standard video etc. 


I'm looking to purchase a new router, but im a bit lost where to start, my only requirments really are a stronger signal, stable connection and more advanced use in the settings, ie possibility to log what connected devices are looking at or at least try and change DNS server settings.


Anyone have any suggestions or good starting place to do some reading? 


Many thanks in advance

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Re: Hub One replacement options?

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): This thread is now in the appropriate board.

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Re: Hub One replacement options?

Would a TP link work ?

Might be cheaper than a new router, if it does not work you can always return it within the 28 day period.

Amazon have a few models

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Re: Hub One replacement options?

Kitz has a few router guides here Thumbs_Up

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Re: Hub One replacement options?

WRT32XB router Is what I want, but I’d like to know from one of the esteemed member of our moderators team and advisors whether or not they think it would work well on they’re network.

Im using broadband (asdl2) as I found its so much more reliable than fibre optic.

So I’d need to know all the configuration settings that I need to adjust the values of actually exist on the router first before getting one though.

I hate getting incompatible equipment.


The other thing I’m searching for is how to throttle my connection. I play Destiny 2, and want to play online but on my own. So I can do flashpoint sand public events unipeded by others, but to do so requires that I some how get my router to only allow traffic to certain ports at a certain max and min speed.

Even though I’ve been on the internet since we first started it, and have had countless configurations since the passing of builetin boards, Netscape, I dread routers.



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