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Hub One remote access

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Hub One remote access

So I have just had help from a friend to make my NAS safer and he was trying to help me with access to the Hub One while out and about. 


At the moment I would remote desktop in and then access the ip. 


What I have done for the NAS is set up putty to SSH tunnel into the NAS so I log in then in a web browser go to localhost:xxxx (xxxx being the port I need). This meant I could lose

He helped me set up Putty and we tried to set as a local host connection and it told me I was unable to do it.  (403 Forbidden)


Has anyone else done anything similar?


(So I access the network at home through the NAS using SSH)

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Re: Hub One remote access

NOt quite as you are tying it, but my synology nas has a vpn server installed on it, I VPN into that form outside when abroad, set up the ports on the hub one to forward vpn to the nas and that works fine, can watch iplayer then 😉


Do you have to use SSH / does your nas support a VPN?