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Hub One - regular restarts to fix loss of internet

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Registered: ‎16-07-2020

Hub One - regular restarts to fix loss of internet

Hope you're all well and safe.

Since working from home, I'm finding myself having to reset my router on a fairly regular basis.  Customer services suggested that I posted here, as they couldn't help me due to having port forwarding in place, and using VPN to connect to my workplace.  The symptoms I have is my laptop connected via remote desktop to work PC (over VPN), my wife will then switch on her laptop, and although it's connected to WIFI, it's saying that No internet available.

What I found this morning, and it may be a coincidence, was a lot of allowed ssh traffic, which I'm forwarding to a home server.  One of the IP address is, and another 3 that I picked at random found on an attackers list at  Has anyone else found this problem?  I previously had same port forwarding set up on a plusnet technicolor TG582n router that I was using before switching to FTTC.  Didn't have issues on that config, but I also wasn't working from home to notice it. 

I am not sure how best to proceed.  I am not sure if VPN and port forwarding is causing a problem.  I am not sure if attacks have increased due to Covid-19, but suspect it has.  I am not sure if their attempts to connect to my server is causing a denial of service attack.  Have been wondering if plusnet could do more to block known attackers IP address from getting near my router, and have been wondering if buying a different router might be able to cope with the attacks better than the Hub one.

Any advice would be appreciated.