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Hub One poor wifi lookinf at options

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Hub One poor wifi lookinf at options

Hi guys (& girls) we should be getting fibre connected next week & as such we have received the one hub. I have connected it then separated the 2.4ghz from 5ghz wi-fi but the wi-fi signal is terrible in comparison to my old Netgear. I've tried changing the channels but the signal is still rubbish (moving room can cause a signal drop) The Netgear is not VDSL compatible so we are wondering if we should just buy a cheap VDSL modem & use the Netgear of would we be better off buying another AIO modem/router? our speed should be around 45-50mbps


I looked at




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Re: Hub One poor wifi lookinf at options

One option is to turn DHCP OFF on the netgear, and turn WiFI OFF on the Hub1.

Plug the netgear into a LAN port on the Hub1.

Connect to wifi on the Netgear and it should get an IP to the device form the Hub1 which is now just acting as a VDSL modem and Hub. Can plug lan devices into either too!